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Gattis' Double Helps Braves Top Marlins 3-1
Fredi Gonzalez appreciates Evan Gattis' easy approach at the plate.

Connie Marrero, Popular Pitcher in Cuban Baseball, Dies at 102
Mr. Marrero was 39 when he reached the major leagues with the 1950 Washington Senators and the oldest former major leaguer before he died.
Oldest Ex-Major League Baseball Player Dies in Cuba at 102
Conrado Marrero, at 102 the oldest former Major League Baseball player and a patriarch of Cuban baseball known for his quick wit and goofy pitching delivery, died on Wednesday at his home in Havana, his grandson said.
Yankees 9, Red Sox 3: Yanks’ New Additions Torment the Red Sox
Masahiro Tanaka made an impressive debut in one of baseball’s fiercest rivalries.

Baseball + Golf !

What a combo! Hitting a golf ball with a baseball bat. It is something many attempted as a kid. But what if we told you that this sport does exist. And that that there are places to play and others to play with. With the help of Hillerich & Bradsby (producer of the Louisville Slugger), we've created our own 'Clat'. To play? Just pick it up and hit it.

Simple to learn. A bit tougher to master.

In one of the finest action shots of Jim Christiano focuses on the ball all time Jim Christiano of Tom's River, NJ hits an approach shot at Shannopin Country Club in Pittsburgh. Jim uses a short toss method which enables him to consistently hit the ball straight and within 10-15 yards of his desired length. On this particular approach shot, he placed it within 4 yards of the pin.

Two clats - a driver and a putter are all that's required to play this great new game. Much emphasis is therefore given to the many shots taken with the driver. Approach shots, like this one are controlled with nothing more than Clat speed. However, in and around the green there are numerous other techniques that are used. One can bunt the ball frontwards, backhand and there are a few that use the 'bottlecap' technique. The only requirement is that the ball leave the hand. The rest is left to the imagination and skill set of the BALFer.

We've Come Far

Our original coverage in the Wall St. Journal got the ball rolling. When we added Hillerich and Bradsby, the manufacturer of the Louisville Slugger, it gave us the boost we needed. Our charter members toiled endlessly to provide a framework that others may follow. We've been fortunate to play with the likes of Brooks Robinson, Goose Gossage and Luis Gonzales. We are even on display at the Western Pennsylvania History Center, having been recognized as the only sport ever invented in this region. So take a moment to look around. We would love to hear from you.