The Clasters 2015

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What is Balf?

Header1BALF – what a sport we’ve created! If you’ve just ‘found’ this site, you probably have many questions. Since BALF began in 1994, many of the rules, procedures and equipment design have been based on the input from those that have taken the time to learn about the sport, play a game or two and help it grow to where it is today.

We are a product of many people – from Golf Course owners to Elementary School children. Every question is important. Every suggestion is given its just due. That being said, take a moment to browse our site, learn our history, and look for the answers that many have asked. If you seek additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. If you’d like to comment, send along an e-mail at

Above all else, if you have not played the sport of BALF, do so. It is an enjoyable (and addicting) experience.

Yours in BALF,

Mark Schuster, Clatmaster and BALF Creator.