Tax Everyone

At every level of government, the plan is to raise taxes. The President’s State of the Union address will focus on raising taxes on the rich and strengthen the middle class with tax credits for working families and expanding the child tax credit. With the nation gearing up for the 2016 election, the big winners […]

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Do you know your Charity?

four_star_charityIn America, we have a lot to be thankful for. We are a giving country and many find this an opportune time to open the pocketbook and donate to those less fortunate.

Make it count. How much of your donation gets to where it needs to be? […]

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Time Bomb: $18 Trillion and counting

The frequency in which America is flipping the first number to the National Debt is frightening.  It took 206 years to reach the first trillion in 1981. There was some panic when the debt doubled again in 1985 to $2 trillion. It doubled again in 1992 and a third time in 2005 to reach $8 […]

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Taxing Policies – PA

By The Tribune-Review

Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

Welcome-to-PennsylvaniaA study by a Duquesne University professor affirms what liberals perpetually deny: Higher taxes pushed by the tax-and-spend crowd create less, not more, economic growth.

Specifically, higher state taxes lead to lower gross state product, fewer new businesses […]

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Government Waste 2014!

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn has released his annual “Wastebook 2014”. Coburn, the Republican from Oklahoma has a broad resume. He earned a business degree, worked for 8 years for a manufacturer and after suffering from malignant melanoma, went back to medical school and became a doctor. He opened a practice specializing in […]

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Property Tax Elimination

The discussion that has surrounded Property Tax Relief in Pennsylvania has been around for a long time. Many capital projects have had the tag line of bringing relief, but few have had any marginal impact. Now a major hurdle has been passed as the PA Senate Finance Committee has approved a measure that would replace […]

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Johnstown Tax?

Have you ever heard of the Johnstown Tax? Most Pennsylvanians probably have not. It’s an 18% tax that is buried in every purchase of wine or alcohol in the state. Every so often, when the debate begins on whether to privatize alcohol in the state, this buried tax comes up front and center. There are […]

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PA Tax Increases

Wanted: Ideas on how to balance budgets without raising taxes.

There are not a lot of businesses breaking down doors to do either move here or conduct business here. The Post Gazette reported the following in an August 8th article. “Pennsylvania earned a D in overall friendliness to small businesses, placing it 33rd out of the […]

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Print money?

The physics of money has changed. Currency looks fake. Every checkout counter is equipped with a yellow marker.  If you’re a forger in these times, you have my blessing. With all of the holograms and fibers and office printers that automatically report a person trying to copy currency….I mean,  that’s a tough way to make […]

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Government Corruption Continues

How incredibly sad. Ray Nagin, the former Mayor of New Orleans and front face in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was sentenced to 10 years in prison for corruption.

According to the NY Times, Mr. Nagin, a Democrat, was found guilty in February on 20 counts, most relating to kickbacks from contractors looking for city […]

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