United States – Divided

Does the picture disturb you?

It should. We are a divided nation. Why? Simple, division sells. Pick a topic, create polarization, write a book and, before too long, there’s money to be made.

Disagree?  If so, name a few people that are promoting the ‘United’ States. Better yet, name even one. (I can’t). Tell me about the […]

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It happened. You owe $1 million dollars

A student of numbers, I’ve always had a side interest in U.S. macro economics. Back in the early 1980s, the national debt was approaching $1 trillion dollars and the Debt/GDP ratio was in the low 30 percent range. I remember thinking “How could that ever be repaid?” Imagine having a credit card with 30% interest. […]

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Issues for Candidates

What are the issues being debated today, or better yet, what should those issues be? What’s being talked about and what should be talked about are not necessarily one in the same. Decisions are being ‘made’ in the press, social media and around the dining room table with little scientific basis and heavily weighted on […]

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PA K-12 Taxes To Rise

The Declaration of Independence turned 239 years old yesterday. One of the primary reasons was forced taxation (without representation) on items such as sugar, paper, glass, paint and tea. The colonists rebelled and eventually fought to gain their own country.

Fast forward to 2015 and tax increases have become an established way of life.

In June, the […]

US Debt – new perspective



This was one of the best reads ever on our national debt crisis – and yes, it is indeed a national debt crisis. I’m a numbers guy and have been […]

Illinois Tosses Pension Reform


“Crisis is not an excuse to abandon the rule of law.” So says Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier.

That’s a scary statement. I say, “If not during a crisis, then when?” Illinois is in dire straits. Their state pension fund is around $111 billion in the […]

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Strange Taxes

Previously, I’d thought that Steven Forbes was on to something. Wouldn’t a flat tax be easier to administer, provide faster cash for our communities and really hold our legislators accountable? I’m still leaning that way, but……there is something to be said about bipartisan cooperation that can produce meaningful legislative code like some of the items […]

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Forbes is right – go FLAT !

Below is an excerpt from Steve Forbes 2014 article “Make it flat”. Perhaps it’s now the time to listen. His proposal first came into prominence when he ran for President in 1996 and warned of the strain on the nation’s economy if the national debt continued to increase. He was shot down from both sides […]

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Tax Everyone

At every level of government, the plan is to raise taxes. The President’s State of the Union address will focus on raising taxes on the rich and strengthen the middle class with tax credits for working families and expanding the child tax credit. With the nation gearing up for the 2016 election, the big winners […]

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Time Bomb: $18 Trillion and counting

The frequency in which America is flipping the first number to the National Debt is frightening.  It took 206 years to reach the first trillion in 1981. There was some panic when the debt doubled again in 1985 to $2 trillion. It doubled again in 1992 and a third time in 2005 to reach $8 […]

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