It happened. You owe $1 million dollars

A student of numbers, I’ve always had a side interest in U.S. macro economics. Back in the early 1980s, the national debt was approaching $1 trillion dollars and the Debt/GDP ratio was in the low 30 percent range. I remember thinking “How could that ever be repaid?” Imagine having a credit card with 30% interest. […]

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Issues for Candidates

What are the issues being debated today, or better yet, what should those issues be? What’s being talked about and what should be talked about are not necessarily one in the same. Decisions are being ‘made’ in the press, social media and around the dining room table with little scientific basis and heavily weighted on […]

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US Debt – new perspective



This was one of the best reads ever on our national debt crisis – and yes, it is indeed a national debt crisis. I’m a numbers guy and have been […]