Big cities across America share some of the same problems – shifting or eroding tax base, infrastructure maintenance, acquiring new business and tackling property degradation. In Detroit’s case, the number of abandoned properties has reached the 80,000 mark. It’s not that long ago when ‘Made in Detroit’ represented the best in American know-how. Now they’re struggling to preserve what’s left.

Yet, in the despair there is hope and it begins with a new technology that allows smartphone users to text images of the blighted properties to a central repository. Known as ‘blexting’, this provides detail which is added to a database – and eventually a complete map of the city. And to boot, all of this will soon to be contained on an app. For more information, check out the full article: ¬†¬†

The article reaffirms something that many remember from their childhood. The neighborhood is truly the ‘center’. Strong neighborhoods are essential. They contain our schools, churches, businesses and if successful, a history that can provide a lifetime of memories. Early on, we’re taught which neighborhoods are acceptable to venture and which are to be avoided. Detroit may appear to be on the ropes, but never count out determined people armed with technology. Mayor Mike Duggan is encouraged with what is transpiring. Adverse situations present challenges and lead to opportunities.

Something tells me that ‘Made in Detroit’ is about to take on a whole new meaning.

Mark Schuster, Partner