U.S. Senator Tom Coburn has released his annual “Wastebook 2014”. Coburn, the Republican from Oklahoma has a broad resume. He earned a business degree, worked for 8 years for a manufacturer and after suffering from malignant melanoma, went back to medical school and became a doctor. He opened a practice specializing in family (maternity) and delivered over 4000 babies. He was also a Deacon in a Baptist Church. His opinion is welcome.

This report provides the Senator’s worst examples of wasteful spending.  Totaling approximately $25 billion dollars, this is really the tip of the iceberg.

The report is required reading for those that get upset every time their taxes increase.

How about Swedish massages for rabbits costing $387K?   Or synchronized swimming for sea monkeys at a cost of $307K.Senator_Tom_Coburn

Here’s one? Promoting U.S. culture around the globe with nose flutists at a cost of $90 million. That doesn’t sound good for a number of reasons. In another, a team of University of Florida (UF) researchers secured a nearly $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to create a new communication (social media) network for fossil enthusiasts and professionals. There are plenty more and one must wonder what else lies under the covers.

Sadly, this is Senator Coburn’s final Wastebook, as he is not running again.  The Senator had some influence from Senator William Proxmire, the Democrat from Wisconsin. Wasteful spending is one are that has bipartisan support. Both parties can take credit for this very interesting booklet. Enjoy!

Mark Schuster, Partner