Does the picture disturb you?

It should. We are a divided nation. Why? Simple, division sells. Pick a topic, create polarization, write a book and, before too long, there’s money to be made.

Disagree?  If so, name a few people that are promoting the ‘United’ States. Better yet, name even one. (I can’t). Tell me about the plans they have to bring everyone together. After all, it’s an election year.

Every day, citizens arise and register their opinion 24/7….tear down the other side, rip up a candidate….everyone is fair game. Animosity and divisiveness is addicting. Some of the smartest people in America are making a great living off of this. Of course, those that aren’t as smart will continue to compensate. They struggle, work harder and don’t understand why they are continually asked to do more – with less. Even for them, there is a limit. We see that now.

Look at the flag. Does it disturb you?

America is a miracle – built on the premise that we can exist together, and yet live as individuals. We will never be the same color, the same religion, the same sexual orientation or the same of anything. This ‘coexistence of difference’ is the common fabric of this country. It doesn’t matter how you got here – you are here – in the greatest county on Earth. America will never be duplicated – ever!

We have paid dearly – exchanging our sons and daughters. They fought for America. They fought for the Flag. They died for America. We hear that their sacrifice is the ‘cost’ of Freedom. Have we really honored that cost?

America has a shortage of leaders – from the playground to the very top of our government. Leaders communicate, they work together and they build a better tomorrow. Real leaders demand UNITED.

Look at the picture. Disturbing yet?

America faces grave challenges. What if we were tested tomorrow? If we are not United – in our commitment to each other – then we will fail. As a people, we cannot allow that to happen.

Mark Schuster, CEO