turnKey Taxes is now in just about every area of Pennsylvania. From Upland to Williamsport, Johnstown to Rochester Township, we are providing an inexpensive tool for local governments to identify missing tax revenue and maintain a clean database – with 100% of their properties, businesses and individuals at their fingertips. Today, this cloud based software is needed more than ever.

But we began as a typical ‘napkin’ idea.  We found the existing system of tracking local government revenues is archaic. So we reengineered the entire process – backwards.  We conducted endless interviews. We encouraged discussions and relied heavily on those with extensive experience in local government reporting.   Finally, we settled on a design.  The end result was a comprehensive repository for all revenue – regardless of type, source or period in which it was received.

The software had to be intuitive enough to identify revenue, have a learning curve of under 20 minutes, is updated frequently and most importantly, balances to the penny.   Welcome to the future of tax and revenue reporting.  We continue to add functionality each month and our customers have repeatedly said that it is by far, the easiest and most cost-effective solution that they’ve ever worked with.

The algorithms used in turnKey are designed to work at the national level and it is our hope that the efforts to consolidate information will eventually lead to more transparency in government, accelerate the distribution of monies to our school districts and municipalities and through these efficiencies, provide one vehicle that will allow for tax reductions in the future.

Mark Schuster, Founder & CEO
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